Agile is a Culture, not a Process

There are many Agile methodologies out there and many process flows and documentation on how to work. However, those processes are the byproduct of a culture; they’ve been documented after the fact, rather than created as a mandate and sent to the team. If you want to successfully implement Agile, it starts with your C-suite. Top-down support for a shift in the organizational culture is a requirement. Period. Then everyone under them and all the managers under those people and all the employees under those managers need to be empowered to begin making changes to the way they work.

Before you try to be “agile”…

Shifting your entire organization to an Agile way of thinking and operating is a big deal and it is not going to happen overnight (or even after the first several projects). Make sure you’re ready before you take the leap. Ask yourself these questions: Are you (and, specifically, your management team) ready to:

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